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Podiatry First Appointment spring offer £25.00
Return Appointment £25.00

Verrucae Cryotherapy pen £35.00
Wart Cryotherapy pen £50.00
Verrucae Pen & Podiatry Combined £50.00

Fungal Nail Laser from £35.00
Fungal Nail Laser & podiatry combined £55.00

Dermaplaning Facial £50.00
Dermaplaning Facial Mandelic peel £65.00
Dermaplaning facial and Micro injections Teosyl £150

LIP Filler Injections
0.55ml £165.00
1ml £210.00
2ml £320.00
juvederm or teosyl used

Acne Skin Treatment

A.C.N.E Ph Skin resurfacing advanced peeling £55.00 per treatment.
Salycillic peel  £45.00
TCA peel Medium Depth TCA peel to reduce acne scarring and re even the skin £99
ACNE Facial £50.00
IPL Acne Facial £55.00
Steam and blachead extraction £45.00
Advanced cosmetic procedure (diathermy) Blackhead/millia extraction from £65.00

Mandelic brightening depigment £45.00
Salycillic Acne anti bacterial £45.00
Lactic acid moisturising rejuvenating £45.00
superficial pumpkin peel £40.00

Mandelic Rejuvenating peel £45.00
PH Formula Advanced anti Ageing Treatment £55.00
Dermaroller from £75.00
IPL collagen Rejuvenating Facial £55.00
Laser Skin Tightening Facial £85.00
Natural Meso Botox £150.00
Fillers From £165.00
Advanced Cosmetic procedures milia/brown spot removal from £65.00

IPL pigmentation Rosacea & thread vein Facial £55.00
Laser ND Yag Thread vein removal £75.00
From £75.00

Fungal Nail Laser

One foot £35.00
Multiple Nails £40.00
Complete Fungal Laser Plan 12 months treatment £295.00
Includes 6 treatments weekly then a monthly top up treatment of all nails affected.

Verrucae Cryotherapy Treatment
using the latest cryotherapy surgical pen the verrucae is frozen to -95 degrees.The 
treatment may be faster at irradicating verrucae than previous treatments. Only one to two treatments are usually required. Your treatment will be carried out by an HCPC registered
First Treatment £50.00
Follow on Treatment £25.00
Cyotherapy & Podiatry £50.00