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Southport & Chorley Blemish Removal

 We used both  Advanced cosmetic procedures electrolysis (ACP) and cyotherapy at this practice to remove and reduce many common skin lesions.

 The procedure is quick and most blemish are reduced during one appointment.
 We can treat skin tags, moles, thread veins, warts and many other common skin blemishes.
 Our service is available in both Southport and Chorley.
 You will receive consultation pre treatment.
 A numbing cream is applied and the appointment lasts 30 minutes.

Wart /cherry angioma /brown spot £85.00
Skin tag /milia £50.00
Mole £95.00
Verrucae cryo £75.00 two treatments.

Cryotherapy pen
Cryotherapy pen
Freezes lesion to -95 and cauterises from £50 1-3 treatment suitable for verrucae.
ACP Advanced Diathermy
ACP Advanced Diathermy
uses diathermy to remove and reduce skin tags moles, thread veins and other skin lesions
£85 one to two treatments usually required.
Moles must be 5mm or under in diameter and have been confirmed non malignant.
Sterile needle used and numbing cream.
Low risk procedure.